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Saturday, July 31, 2010

TOS Flying Parasites from "Operation - Annihilate"

Presented below are some detailed photos of two screen used Flying Parasite creatures from "Operation - Annihilate!" (first airdate: Apr. 13, 1967), the final episode of the 1st season of Star Trek: The Original Series. These props are central to the storyline of the episode, in which the human inhabitants of the planet Deneva are driven to mass insanity after being attacked by these neural parasites which individually resemble enormous brain cells and are found to be all parts of a single entity with seemingly invincible resistance to heat, radiation, etc. Following the modern day images are a pair of photos of another Flying Parasite creature from the collection of Greg Jein on display at the 1992 Star Trek Exhibition at the National Air & Space Museum in Washington, D.C.; and some episode screenshots from "Operation - Annihilate!" that feature the parasites.

Many thanks to long time Star Trek fan and collector Paolo in Italy for his kind permission to display these photos.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gene Roddenberry's Original March 11, 1964 Concept Proposal for Star Trek

Presented below is a copy of the entire 16-page first draft television series concept proposal that was written by Gene Roddenberry and submitted to several studios in early 1964 to pitch the concept of Star Trek. In April of 1964, Desilu and Roddenberry would sign a three-year contract on the basis of this Star Trek format; and in May of 1964, NBC would sign an agreement with Desilu that would lead to the development of the first pilot "The Cage". This historic document is filled with many interesting examples of potential storylines for individual episodes; some of which can be recognized as the foundation for subsequently produced TOS episodes. In this earliest of TOS writings, the Starship S.S. Yorktown is to be commanded by Captain Robert M. April...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Star Trek: The Original Series Anabolic Protoplaser Tool from Dr. McCoy's Sickbay

Presented below are some detailed photos of a screen used Anabolic Protoplaser medical instrument that was originally painted red and used in Dr. McCoy's sickbay during various episodes of TOS; and then painted black and re-employed in the filming of Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979). In the screenshots following the modern-day images, this prop can be seen on the table of surgical instruments beside Nurse Chapel in the 2nd season TOS episode "Journey To Babel" (first airdate: Nov. 17, 1967) and is seen being used by Chapel on Spock in the sickbay scenes from ST:TMP. A rare prop with a history of service in The Original Series and the feature film incarnation of Star Trek.

Many thanks to long time Star Trek fan and collector Paolo in Italy for his kind permission to display these photos.