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Monday, June 30, 2008

Mr. Spock's Science Station on the Bridge

Presented below is a collection of TOS episode screenshots that provide some good views of Mr. Spock's workstation on the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 Bridge; from which access to the starships Library Computer system could be gained and the Ship's Sensors and Scanners could be controlled. As Mr. Spock served as First Officer and Science Officer of the Enterprise, this workstation also featured a Science and Technology Functions Patch-In Panel (the large curved panel on the far right in the photo immediately below.) Some button layouts and panel designs were modified over the course of the series, on occasion to accomodate the storyline of a unique episode; and a couple of these design variations are illustrated and noted below. But first, the Science Station from several different perspective views ...

In this closeup from "The Lights of Zetar", it seems that the filmed footage of the Ship's Sensors and Scanners control panel was reversed and the panel appears in an abnormal orientation ... 

The correct panel orientation ... 

Mr. Spock's famous viewer, technically called the Type SS-HRS/RVS-I Scanner (from the StarFleet Technical Manual, Franz Joseph, Ballantine Books, 1975) would provide an array of sensor scan output data that the Science Officer could study and relay to the Captain. In actuality on the Desilu soundstage, it was necessary for Leonard Nimoy to stare intently at nothing more than a blue light bulb all the while that he was reacting to the latest incoming scanner information. "Fascinating!"

The original design of the Library Computer Control Panel incorporated a series of 6 triangular buttons, as seen in the early first season episode "Balance Of Terror" ...

 The more familiar design, as seen in the third season "Day of the Dove" ...

For most of the TOS episodes, the Library Computer Audio Output device, (sometimes called a Speaker :-) had its normal cloth backing ...

In the episode "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield", the speaker grille was replaced with the Starship's Self-Destruct Panel (a previously undescribed command feature of the Science Station) ...

In the episode "This Side of Paradise" a closeup camera pan across the deserted Science Station's control surfaces is provided. Below are a series of 5 screenshots taken of this scene ...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Gallery of Star Trek: The Original Series Alien and Futuristic Fashion

Below are some of the more interesting and unique costumes developed for the Original Series, as worn by the many alien races encountered by the Enterprise crew, as well as mankind of the 23rd century ...