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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lt. Ilia Starfleet Class A Uniform from Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Presented below are some detailed photos of a rare, screen-used Starfleet Class A Uniform worn by the lovely actress Persis Khambatta in her highly memorable role as the bald Deltan navigator Lieutenant Ilia from Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979). TMP officers uniforms are rarely found to still possess their original braid, patch and biomonitor device; which adds to the desirability of this costume that was worn by one of the most beautiful women to appear in a Star Trek production. Following the modern day images, which highlight many of the construction details of this uniform, are some photos of Persis Khambatta as seen in the film.

Special thanks to Star Trek collector James A. Brown of California for his gracious permission to display the numerous photos presented below of this outstanding costume. Interested readers are directed to James' website http://www.persiskhambatta.com for an excellent biography of the former Miss India.

Below are some rare special effects images featuring this uniform that were shot for ST:TMP under low-angle, low key-light conditions; and were developed by the film's visual consultant Virgil Mirano for the Ilia bio-mechanical replica reconstruction sequence - the creation of the Ilia probe - within the V'Ger vessel. (Courtesy: James A. Brown)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Video Clip Previews of William Shatner's "The Captains"

Below are some short video clips released by Epix HD to promote the upcoming debut of the new William Shatner documentary "The Captains". Included below is a promotional trailer followed by extracts of interviews with Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew and Scott Bakula. For more details on this project and info on the public screenings of this film that will take place later this month, readers are directed to an earlier article on this site at: http://www.startrekpropauthority.com/2011/07/public-screenings-announced-of-new.html

Promotional Trailer (0:33)

William Shatner Interviews Patrick Stewart (1:17)

William Shatner Interviews Avery Brooks (0:46)

William Shatner Interviews Kate Mulgrew (1:18)

William Shatner Interviews Scott Bakula (1:04)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Some Photos from William Shatner's documentary "The Captains"

Below are some photos taken during the filming of William Shatner's new documentary "The Captains". For more details on this project and info on the upcoming public screenings of this film that will take place later this month, readers are directed to an earlier article on this site at: http://www.startrekpropauthority.com/2011/07/public-screenings-announced-of-new.html

Public screenings announced of the new William Shatner documentary "The Captains"

On Friday July 22nd at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con, William Shatner will be previewing his new documentary "The Captains", in which he travels the world to interview fellow actors Chris Pine, Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew and Scott Bakula - all of whom portrayed lead roles as Starfleet Captains in a Star Trek television series/feature film.

Additionally, Shatner will be hosting a free outdoor screening in Los Angeles on July 25th and in New York on July 30th. The LA event will take place at the Hollywood Forever Memorial Park - Fairbanks Lawn, 6000 Santa Monica Blvd (gates open at 7:00 pm), while the NY event will occur at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum - One Intrepid Square, 12th Ave and 46th Street (doors open at 7:30 pm).

More info on the outdoor screenings can be found at: http://www.epixhd.com/the-captains-la-screening/ and http://www.epixhd.com/the-captains-ny-screening/

The documentary will be broadcast on the internet on July 22nd at 8:00 pm EST at the Epix HD website link of http://www.epixhd.com/the-captains/ Those interested in viewing it for free online may sign up for a free two trial at the site.

The following article about the documentary appeared in the U.K. Daily Mail online ...

Kirk Vs Kirk: Star Trek's William Shatner arm wrestles young pretender Chris Pine on new documentary

By Daily Mail Reporter

He famously played Star Trek's Captain Kirk for more than 30 years.

But now William Shatner is clearly passing the baton on to young pretender Chris Pine who played the young Enterprise captain in the 2009 J.J. Abrams film reboot of the franchise.

The 80-year-old veteran actor is seen locking the 30-year-old actor into an arm wrestle on a new documentary.

However, it appears Pine was a little star struck when he met Shatner face to face for the interview.

'He's shy,' the older actor told Canoe.ca. 'So the way I started the interview, I put out a table and chairs outside the Paramount gates, and arm-wrestled with him.

'That was the beginning of my interview with him. I think it broke the ice, that's for sure.'

Shatner famously did not appear in the 2009 film reboot, unlike his co-star Leonard Nimoy who reprised his role as an older Spock.

At the time, Shatner confessed at being upset about the snub saying; 'I can't believe it, I'm not in the movie at all. Leonard, God bless his heart, is in, but not me.

'I thought, "what a decision to make", since it obviously is a decision not to make use of the popularity I have to ensure the movie has good box office figures,' he added. 'It didn't seem to be a wise business decision.'

The documentary, which Shatner directed, also sees him interview Patrick Stewart, Kate Mulgrew, Avery Brooks and Scott Bakula.

British actor Stewart famously played Captain Luc Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation from 1987-1994, while Scott Baluka starred as Captain Jonathan Archer on Star Trek: Enterprise for four years until 2005.

In addition, the actor spoke to Kate Mulgrew, who played Captain Kathryn Janeway in Star Trek: Voyager from 1995- 2001 and Avery Brooks, who starred as Captain Sisko from 1993-1999 in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

'It's a detailed look at the actors who played the captains on the various iterations of Star Trek,' says Shatner, whose latest TV project $h*! My Dad Says was recently cancelled.

'I have focused on themes like love and hate, divorce and work, intertwining their lives, and I think you will enjoy it.

'I had a great time doing it.'

Below is the official movie poster for the film ...

A short trailer promoting the documentary follows ...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rare TOS Behind The Scenes Photos Part X

Some rarely seen photos taken during production of The Original Series ...