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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Star Trek: Insurrection Captain Picard's Ready Room Computer

Presented below are some detailed photos of Captain Picard's screen used Ready Room desktop computer from the production of Star Trek: Insurrection (Paramount, 1998). This prop measures approx. 10.25" x 9.25" x 3.75" in overall size and is constructed primarily of aluminum; with a printed color faux screen, numerous accent decals and rubber foot pads at bottom. It is one of two computer terminal props that were fabricated for the filming of the Ready Room scenes. A screenshot from the motion picture featuring this prop is displayed after the modern day images...

Below are some photos of the second Picard desktop computer prop that was sold on July 27, 2007 as part of the CBS/Paramount sponsored ItsAWrap ebay auctions of Star Trek memorabilia. This electronic version featured backlit illumination of the LCARS screen and, due to the thickness of the lamp unit attached to the rear of the terminal, was only utilized for shots involving the front of the prop...

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Star Trek: Voyager Hero Illuminating TR-590 Mark X Science Tricorder

Presented below are some detailed photos and videos of a screen used hero illuminating Starfleet Science Tricorder from the production of Star Trek: Voyager (UPN, 1995 - 2001).  This TR 590 Tricorder X prop recently sold as Lot 667 in the Profiles In History Drama, Action, Romance: The Hollywood Auction held at Calabasas Hills, CA in December, 2012.  Both the Mark IX and Mark X tricorder props were nearly identical in appearance, featuring the same graphic displays, and were utilized in episodes of Voyager and DS9 as well as the feature films Star Trek: First Contact and Star Trek: Insurrection.  As one of the later designs of the working 24th century tricorder, the hero Mark X props are amongst the most visually impressive creations for a Star Trek production; featuring numerous backlit and cascading LED graphic displays ...

Below are some images of the Hero Mark X Tricorder side by side with a screen used non-working Mark X from Star Trek: First Contact ...

A hero illuminating Tricorder VII from the 3rd season of Star Trek: TNG was the focus of an earlier photostudy on this site; and may be seen at the following link: http://www.startrekpropauthority.com/2008/11/star-trektng-3rd-season-working-science.html