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Thursday, February 20, 2014

ST: Nemesis Hero Illuminating Starfleet Type III Mark III Phaser Rifle

Presented below are many detailed photos and a short video to illustrate the construction and operational features of an extremely rare screen used "hero" illuminating Starfleet Type III Mark III Phaser Rifle from the 10th major motion picture in the franchise - Star Trek: Nemesis (2002).  This weapon is about 95% intact as it did incur some damage during filming on the Paramount soundstages, and is missing the topmost rectangular portion of its sight / optics mechanism.  It's main body is composed of solid cast resin, which has been adorned with numerous fashioned sheets of metal accents, as well as a black nylon shoulder strap which retracts into the butt of the rifle.  This hero prop possesses multiple working battery powered electronic features, which are described in detail below.  Overall, the phaser rifle measures approx. 33" in length, 9.5" in height, and 2" in width.  Some screenshots from Star Trek: Nemesis that highlight these illuminating props are shown after the modern day imagery.

Depressing a button on the bottom surface of the rifle stock actuates a Surfire brand flashlight which has been mounted into the sight / optics mechanism on the top of the weapon, as shown in the following two photos:

Similarly, pulling the working metal trigger activates a set of four diodes mounted at the end of the barrel as well as an additional four diodes along either side of the emission tip to create a "firing" effect ...

Sliding back a metal cover plate on the top surface of the stock directly in front of the scope / optics mechanism reveals and activates a removable "power cell" module ...

Here are some close-up views of the "power cell" unit itself, which likely requires a fresh battery to restore full luminance ...

 A working power readout on the top surface of the weapon is actuated by depressing the functional left oval button immediately ahead of the readout gauge.  This causes a line of bright green LED lights to cascade on from left to right across the gauge, followed immediately by a second line of bright red LEDs.  The green line quickly disappears, and the red line remains active until the left button is depressed a second time to terminate the effect ...

Below is a short video to document the complete power readout cascading LED sequence ...

Finally, some screenshots of this rare hero prop in use in Star Trek: Nemesis ...