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Friday, August 16, 2013

Fox 5 Vegas TV Interview with "These Are The Voyages" Author Marc Cushman

Presented below is a Fox 5 Vegas television interview conducted with "These Are The Voyages TOS, Season 1" author Marc Cushman which was originally broadcast in Nevada while the Creation Official 2013 Star Trek Las Vegas Convention was in town; as part of the extensive local news coverage dedicated to the events at the Rio Suites Hotel.  The book made its worldwide public debut during the convention, and has been universally applauded by Star Trek fans as the new bible for TOS, and the most important written work ever produced on The Original Series.  This website had the honor of presenting an exclusive excerpt from the book dealing with the making of "The Corbomite Maneuver" - the first episode produced for Season 1, filmed after the two pilots for the series: "The Cage" and "Where No Man Has Gone Before".  That excerpt along with a more comprehensive review of "These Are The Voyages" may be seen at the following link:

Original Series star Walter Koenig appeared onstage at the Convention on Saturday, August 10th; and expressed his own very strong words of praise for the book.  Koenig described the work as "a most extraordinary, comprehensive, detailed book" and stated  "I promise you ...if you are a Star Trek fan and you want to know the minutiae ... any question you have that has to deal with Star Trek is addressed ... with great integrity and a sense that you can believe what you're reading".  He said of the entire set that will be released in the coming months, "there are going to be three terrific books", and commented that it "behooves" life long Star Trek fans to pick them up.  He further mentioned that he has already written the foreword to the Season 2 book.

And now, the Fox 5 Vegas television interview with Marc Cushman on the launch of Book 1 of the three volume, 1500 page epic history of TOS, "These Are The Voyages":