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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Special Review of "These Are The Voyages: TOS - Season Three" by Original Series Director Ralph Senensky

This site is honored to present the following article written by the legendary Star Trek Original Series Director Ralph Senensky; whose exceptional work on 7 different TOS episodes includes some of the most memorable and highly regarded shows in the history of the series, encompassing titles such as "This Side of Paradise", "Metamorphosis", "Obsession", "Return to Tomorrow" and "The Tholian Web".  Special thanks to Mr. Senensky for his thoughts on the third and final "Season Three" volume in Marc Cushman's Saturn Award winning book series, "These Are The Voyages: TOS", which has just been publicly released for sale and is only available direct from the publisher at http://www.thesearethevoyagesbooks.com/  until February 1, 2015, at which time it will then go into wider release.   Fans are encouraged to visit Ralph Senensky's impressive website Ralph's Cinema Trek - A Journey In Film at http://senensky.com/

And now ...

SPECIAL: These Are The Voyages –

Season Three

by Ralph Senensky

When I posted on my website for THESE ARE THE VOYAGES – Season Two, I wrote:

STAR TREK’s second season was turbulent. There was easily as much drama going on behind the scenes as what was being performed before the cameras.

Now as I post about THESE ARE THE VOYAGES – Season Three, I write:

STAR TREK’s third season was cataclysmic. There was definitely more drama going on behind the scenes than what was being performed before the cameras. I should know. I was embroiled in one of those storms.

In 1968 I was fired mid-production of THE THOLIAN WEB. As I reported on my post for THE THOLIAN WEB:

When I reported at 7:30 that Monday morning (the first day), the set (the bridge of the Defiant) was ready, the crew was assembled, I was prepared. But there were no actors. The four of them were in wardrobe, having their final fittings for their silver space-suits. I was told they had been at the studio the day before (Sunday) for their FIRST fittings. As of the end of the day on Friday, since construction of the wardrobe for the first sequence Monday morning had not even begun, a change in the schedule should have been made; but nothing had been done by the production department to adjust for this predicament. … Finally Bill Shatner’s suit was completed, so I filmed some isolated close-ups of Captain Kirk. There weren’t many, and it meant filming the close-ups before we had staged and rehearsed the scenes in which they occurred. Just before noon the other three skin-tight silver space-suits were ready, and we could begin. (At the end of the day I was a half day behind) … (At the end of the third day of filming) I was asked to come to producer Fred Freiberger’s office at the completion of the day’s shooting. There he informed me I was being removed from the project. Because I was still a half a day behind, I was being replaced by what he called a “fireman”, someone who could come in and just get it in the can.

The following day news of my firing was heralded in the pages of Daily Variety and The Hollywood Reporter. What I didn’t know at the time was that there were even more violent storms involving other STAR TREK personnel swirling around. That’s what I’m learning now from Marc Cushman’s brilliant third and final THESE ARE THE VOYAGES.

I find the similarity between the events of that third season and THE THOLIAN WEB to be stunning. Captain Kirk Roddenberry, commanding his starship STAR TREK through the uncharted outer space perils of network television, lost his first officer Mr. Spock Gene Coon, who had left the season before, driven away by the change in command after the purchase of Desilu by Paramount. Plagued by the same changes being made because of the sale of the studio, Captain Roddenberry was more than dismayed when the network reneged on its promise to move the series from its Friday night 8:30 spot to Monday at 7:30, and instead moved it to the deadliest spot possible, Friday night at 10. His response? He would not be a hands-on producer with the show in that graveyard spot. Just as in THE THOLIAN WEB when Captain Kirk was lost in space while being transported back to the Enterprise, Captain Roddenberry was going to be absent from his ship, STAR TREK.

Bones Robert Justman, in a way the doctor for the series, the engine that drove the production side of the show, one who was ready, able and eager to move into the producer seat vacated by the departing Coon, found himself rejected by the network and the studio. He continued to serve the inexperienced sci-fi outsider who was brought in to occupy the coveted seat.

Female Communications Uhura Dorothy Fontana, who had been with STAR TREK since its inception, when she was Roddenberry’s secretary and in its first season rose to the position of story editor and very productive contributor of superior teleplays, now found herself in a position where her communications regarding scripts to the new inexperienced producer were not always heeded. The fact that this was happening in spite of the fact that she knew more about STAR TREK scripts than anyone connected to the show (barring Captain Roddenberry) was not only counterproductive, it was insulting.

And finally just as the Tholians created a web to capture and destroy the Starship Enterprise, the studio and the network created a web to destroy STAR TREK. The studio (Paramount) was not happy with the films costing more to produce than what the network was paying. Executive in charge of production Douglas Cramer had a scorched earth policy. If a director could not complete a film in the mandated six days, he was put on the Do Not Hire list. Joining me on that list were two other experienced STAR TREK directors: Vincent McEveety, who had directed six productions, and John Meredyth Lucas, who had written scripts, directed and served as producer for the series. The network (NBC) was even more diabolical. Twice they had cancelled the series — at the end of Season One and again at the end of Season Two, only to restore it to the schedule because of overwhelming response from outraged STAR TREK fans. This time at the end of Season Three, without announcing whether or not the series would return in the fall, the network announced STAR TREK would return in twelve weeks for a series of summer reruns. When the reruns ended, so did STAR TREK, its original five-year mission cut off after three years.

At the wrap party at the conclusion of photography on TURNABOUT INTRUDER, the 24th episode of the third season and the 79th and final episode of STAR TREK: The Original Series, James Doohan (Scotty) couldn’t believe that a show this good with such a vocal fan base could be canceled. He insisted they would be back. Walter Koenig (Chekov) commented, “… and of course he was right. It just took ten years longer than he thought.”

That is just a small part of the amazing drama that Marc Cushman brings to life so vividly in this final volume of his series. The amazing thing is that he does it as he microscopically presents the detailed evolution of each of the 24 productions filmed that season — from the author’s pitch through story development to final script, into pre-production, production, post production, airing and reaction, the mailbag and memories. I am in awe of the enormity of the project, profoundly moved as I was by the previous two volumes and very grateful that he did it.

The journey continues

Monday, December 15, 2014

TMP Publicity Photos

Some vintage Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) publicity shots from the authors collection, accompanied by their original Paramount press release pages, which are still attached to the backs of the prints ...

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Julien's Dec. 2014 Icons and Idols Auction - Star Trek Results

Presented below is the complete set of final prices realized for the 7 lots of Star Trek memorabilia that were offered in the Julien's Icons and Idols Hollywood Auction; which concluded in a live online bidding session yesterday at julienslive.com.

The highest price witnessed for a Star Trek item in the sale was $7,040 for the Star Trek VI & VII Maroon Starfleet Uniform Jacket worn by James Doohan as Scotty.

All of the final values that follow reflect the high bids witnessed on the items as well as a 25% buyers premium  (Just click on the image below to view an enlarged version) ... 

Friday, November 28, 2014

Julien's Auctions - Dec. 5, 2014 - Icons and Idols Hollywood Auction - Star Trek Preview

On December 5, 2014 at 10:00 am PST, Julien's Icons and Idols Hollywood memorabilia auction will commence at their corporate headquarters in Beverly Hills, California; with live, online bidding available through www.julienslive.com.   While the primary focus of this event is the sale of property from the Life and Career of Marilyn Monroe, featuring "over 200 lots of intimate correspondence, photographs and other items kept by Monroe"; a total of 7 lots of important and desirable Star Trek-related memorabilia will be offered.  Presented below are the original auction catalog photographs and descriptions of these historic Trek items which range from an early September 24, 1964 draft of "The Cage" first pilot script, with related documents, to a beautiful Star Trek: Enterprise A.G. Robinson Flight Suit from the 2nd season episode "First Flight".    Interested collectors are referred to the following informational webpage at julienslive.com to register for the online event and view all of the lots of entertainment memorabilia that are available:  http://www.julienslive.com/view-auctions/info/id/142/

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Gene Roddenberry 1988 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur II Saloon at Juliens

In what might just be the most non-traditional item of Star Trek memorabilia ever highlighted on this website, presented below are some detailed photos of an ivory 1988 Rolls Royce Silver Spur sedan formerly owned by Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry that will be offered as Lot 513 in the upcoming Julien's Icons and Idols 2014 Hollywood memorabilia auction on December 5, 2014 at 10:00 am PST.  The opening bid for this automobile is $15,000 against a pre-auction bid estimate of $30,000 - $40,000.   The complete Julien's catalog description for the Silver Spur is reprinted immediately below, and interested collectors are referred to the following informational webpage at julienslive.com to register for the online event and view all of the lots of entertainment memorabilia that are available:  http://www.julienslive.com/view-auctions/info/id/142/

Lot 513 of 991:

 If you want “to boldly go where no man has gone before," a Rolls-Royce is a great choice. This beautiful ivory 1988 Silver Spur Sedan belonged to Star Trek creator, Gene Roddenberry, and was used as his everyday car while he was creating and producing Star Trek : The Next Generation (Paramount, 1987-1994). The car is is laden with luxurious amenities such as burled walnut trim, Wilton wool carpets and Connolly leather interior. The Rolls-Royce has a 124.5-inch wheelbase and is powered by an overhead valve 412-cid V-8 engine that produces 220 horsepower and is equipped with Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection. Additional features are rear wheel drive, three-speed automatic transmission, rack and pinion steering, front wishbone suspension, independent rear suspension, front and rear disc brakes, and a steel body. Vehicle identification number, SCAZN02A0JCX22123. The Silver Spur model is the long-wheelbase version of the Silver Spirit. It was introduced by Rolls-Royce to the U.S. market in 1985 as a limousine, the first in 18 years. The initial MSRP was $185,000. The Saloon body style of the Silver Spur has the long wheelbase but not the dividing window, offering passengers plenty of interior space while driving toward any frontier.

The current owner will contribute 100% of the proceeds from the auction to the Roddenberry Foundation, an organization that supports and inspires efforts that create and expand new frontiers for the benefit of humanity. The foundation funds innovative solutions to critical global issues in the areas of science and technology, the environment, education and humanitarian advances.

PROVENANCE From the Estate of Gene Roddenberry

Saturday, November 8, 2014

ScreenUsed November 2014 Prop and Wardrobe Auction - Star Trek Results

Presented below is the complete set of final prices realized for the 43 lots of Star Trek memorabilia that were offered in the ScreenUsed Fall 2014 Movie Prop and Wardrobe Auction; which concluded earlier this afternoon in a live online bidding session at iCollector.com.

The highest price witnessed for a Star Trek item in the sale was $17,700 for a Leonard Nimoy Spock Class 'D' Starfleet uniform from TMP (Paramount, 1979); while a Shatner Kirk Class 'B' costume also from TMP sold for $10,030 and a DeForest Kelley McCoy TMP Class 'D' uniform realized $3,835. 

All of the final values that follow reflect the high bids witnessed on the items as well as an 18% buyers premium ...