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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Star Trek: Original Series "Plato's Stepchildren" Type 2 Phaser Pistol at Profiles September 2019 Hollywood Auction 112 from Nichelle Nichols Collection

On September 25, 2019, Profiles in History will be offering a rare Original Series Type 2 Phaser Pistol, originally from the collection of Star Trek actress Nichelle Nichols and with outstanding provenance associating it with the famous 3rd season episode "Plato's Stepchildren" (first airdate: November 22, 1968), as Lot 295 in their Icons & Legends of Hollywood Auction, with a pre-sale bid estimate of $100,000 - $150,000.

The precise Profiles auction description is presented as follows:
295.  Original Type-2 Phaser Pistol from the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Plato's Stepchildren" - from the collection of Nichelle Nichols. (Paramount, 1966-1969)  The Type-2 Phaser pistol is the most iconic and sought-after hand prop from the original Star Trek series - it is also the most difficult to obtain.  This Phaser has extraordinary provenance: Star Trek producer Fred Freiberger gifted the Phaser to actress Nichelle Nichols, who played "Lt. Uhura", the iconic communications officer aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise.  Accompanying the Phaser is a signed letter from Freiberger, dated March 6, 1972, stating (in part): "I ran into Jerome Stanley [NBC Program Executive] last week (remember him?) He actually apologized for his "handing" of the "kiss issue" and admitted that he was wrong.  I am still most proud of "Plato's Stepchildren" and kept a few mementos from the episode including a phaser.  I thought you might like to have it.  I have great memories of our work together and will never forget your support or the change we brought about ..."  This Phaser is constructed of fiberglass, resin, turned aluminum and acrylic and measures 8.5 in. long x 5.5 in. tall x 2 in. wide.  Exhibits expected wear to paint and scuffing to metallic surfaces.  To many science fiction fans around the world, an Original Series Phaser pistol transcends its mere association with an outstanding television series; it represents one of the defining icons of American pop culture.  In all of our years of business, this is only the third fiberglass Type-2 Phaser pistol we have handled and this example has impeccable provenance, being tied to the historic, groundbreaking episode.  Provenance: From the collection of Producer Fred Freiberger and gifted to actress Nichelle Nichols in 1972.  Accompanied with the original Freiberger letter gifting the Phaser to Ms. Nichols, plus a signed letter of provenance by Nichelle and a video of her discussing this Phaser. $100,000 - $150,000

This site is pleased to present the following set of high resolution photos to document the design and construction details of this rare prop.  These photos were taken earlier this month while the phaser was on exhibit at the Creation Official 2019 Star Trek Las Vegas Convention from July 31 - August 4 at the Rio Suites Hotel & Casino in Nevada.  Special thanks to Brad Teplitsky of RareMemorabilia.com for his kindness in graciously permitting the photo session and the publication of these images ...

Immediately below is an image of the original provenance letter, dated March 6, 1972, from Star Trek Producer Fred Freiberger to Nichelle Nichols that gifts the actress this phaser ...

The following video features Nichelle Nichols discussing her acquisition of two Phaser Pistol props from TOS.  While the "Plato's Stepchildren" phaser has been consigned to Profiles September 2019 Icons & Legends of Hollywood Auction, the second phaser, which has been attributed to the 3rd season episode "The Cloud Minders", is currently on exhibit at the MoPOP Museum in Seattle, Washington ...

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Propworx August 18, 2019 Trekcetera Museum Auction - Star Trek Results

Presented below is the complete set of final prices realized for the 139 lots of Star Trek memorabilia that were offered in the Propworx Trekcetera Museum auction; which concluded this afternoon in a live online bidding session at liveauctioneers.com.

This highest selling Star Trek item in the sale was Lot Number 43, a "The Doctor" Starfleet Uniform with Boots from Star Trek: Voyager, which realized a high bid of $16,000 (not including a 25% buyers premium.)  A Voyager "Boomerang" style Phaser witnessed a high bid of $6,500; and a Star Trek: TNG / Voyager Borg Alcove also sold for $6,500.

The following results show the final bids on all of the Trek items in the auction, not including the buyers premium.  Just click on any of the images below to view an enlarged version ...

Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Prop Block August 17, 2019 Entertainment & Arts Auction - Star Trek Results

Presented below is the complete set of final prices realized for the 16 lots of Star Trek memorabilia that were offered in The Prop Block's summer 2019 hollywood memorabilia auction; which concluded this afternoon in a live online bidding session at icollector.com.

This highest selling TOS item in the sale was Lot Number 106, the Lt. Palamas Pink Grecian Dress from the episode "Who Mourns for Adonais?", which realized a final price of $15,375 (including a 23% buyers premium.)  A TOS Gold Mesh Jumpsuit from "Speed Seed" sold for $3,382.50, and a Stunt Romulan phaser from Star Trek 2009 changed hands for $1,107.

The following results show both the high bids witnessed on the items as well as the 23% buyers premium.  Just click on any of the images below to view an enlarged version ...

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The Prop Block August 17, 2019 Entertainment & Arts Auction - Star Trek Preview

On Saturday, August 17th, 2019 at 10:00 am Pacific Time, the Henderson, Nevada based entertainment memorabilia dealer and auction house The Prop Block will host it's summer 2019 Entertainment & Arts Auction with a live, online bidding session on the icollector.com website.  The Prop Block is owned by Jarrod Hunt, a well known and respected industry professional with many years of experience at Propworx and, prior to that, the Prop Store of London.  Of the 178 total lots of Hollywood memorabilia featured in this sale, there are 15 lots from the Star Trek franchise - spanning The Original Series to Star Trek 2009.  The highlights of the Trek offerings include a TOS Spock Starfleet Tunic from "The Cage", a TOS Gold Mesh hibernation jumpsuit from "Space Seed", the TOS Lt. Palamas Pink Grecian dress from "Whom Mourns for Adonais?", a large Enterprise-E Deflector Dish Array Panel from Star Trek: First Contact and a stunt Starfleet Type-III Phaser Rifle from Star Trek: Insurrection.

Interested bidders may register to participate in the sale directly on the icollector.com website at this link:  https://www.icollector.com/The-Prop-Block-Entertainment-Arts-Auction_as60163_p1?ps=100&fbclid=IwAR3WObp67uIXWJOojTYE-AUnNM8iqUMhKeSXiijwnBSbL4IlZGe1ecinvNg&vm=0

Presented below are the original auction photos and descriptions for the Star Trek listings featured in this exciting August 17th event ...