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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Star Trek: The Exhibition In Detroit - Original Series Captain Kirk Uniform

This fourth in a series of posts on Star Trek: The Exhibition; now open at the Detroit Science Center (http://www.detroitsciencecenter.org/) until Sept. 7, 2009; focuses on the Original Series Captain Kirk Uniform. Startrekpropauthority.blogspot.com was allowed to photograph the exhibition on Feb. 14th, 2009 and Feb. 21st, 2009 and is presenting posts on some of the exciting TOS-related components of this comprehensive collection - which features screen used costumes, props, starship filming models and set recreations that span all 5 Star Trek television series and 10 feature films. Many thanks to the staff of the Detroit Science Center for their kind assistance; with special recognition to Kelly Fulford, Kerri Budde, Amanda Jackson, and Todd Slisher for their outstanding support.

The introductory post on Star Trek: The Exhibition which provides a general overview of the event can be seen at: http://startrekpropauthority.blogspot.com/2009/02/star-trek-exhibition-beams-into-detroit.html

Some detailed photos of the Captain Kirk uniform are presented below...

In the following two photos, note the dramatic change in the tunic fabric color when the camera flash was disabled and then utilised. Without flash, the fabric appears lime green in color ...

With flash, an effect similar to the bright Desilu soundstage lights is achieved, and the tunic appears gold in color ...

Similarly, the use of camera flash reveals a subtle detail of the Starfleet pants fabric is not apparent when the costume is viewed under traditional or slightly subdued lighting. Note that the pants, as seen in the following picture, appear to be almost a flat black in color ...

However, under more intense lighting, some details of the fabric's true silver speckled nature are apparent in the following photos ...

Below is a closeup view of the pants fabric that was taken with the camera flash active ...

Some views of the tunics hidden zipper assembly and authentic Original Series patch ...

Note the nylon square weave double knit fabric in the tunic. This pattern and a diamond weave variety were present in the Desilu costume department after the second season of The Original Series. The velour material that was used for the first two seasons proved too problematic as it would shrink, sometimes considerably, as a result of regular cleaning.

The braid below is actually authentic braid from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, produced in 1979. Both the braid and patches were typically removed on a daily basis from all of the costumes during TOS production, before sending them out for dry cleaning; and it is quite rare to come across '60s - era costumes today that still retain both their authentic TOS patch and braid.