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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Star Trek: The Original Series Actor/Actress Autograph Reference

Below are 178 autographs of actors and actresses who appeared in an episode of Star Trek: The Original Series...

Alan Bergmann

Andrea Dromm

Anthony Call

Anthony Caruso

Antoinette Bower

Arlene Martel

Arnold Lessing

Barbara Anderson

Barbara Babcock

Barbara Baldavin

Barbara Bouchet

Barbara Luna

Biff Elliot

Billy Blackburn

Bob Bralver

Bob Herron

Bobby Clark

Bonnie Beecher

Brian Tochi

Bruce Hyde

Bruce Mars

Carl Held

Carol Daniels

Celeste Yarnall

Charles Dierkop

Charles Macaulay

Charles Napier

Charlie Brill

Clint Howard

Craig Huxley

Dave Somerville

David Frankham

Deborah Downey

Deforest Kelley

Derek Partridge

Diana Muldaur

Dick Durock

Don Marshall

Eddie Paskey

Elinor Donahue

Emily Banks

Erik Holland

Felix Silla

France Nuyen

Frank Gorshin

Fred Williamson

Garland Thompson

Garry Walberg

Gary Lockwood

Gene Dynarski

George Takei

Grace Lee Whitney

Hagan Beggs

Harry Basch

Harry Landers

Iona Morris

Irene Kelly

Jack Donner

James Daris

James Doohan

James Mitchell

Jan Shutan

Jane Wyatt

Janet MacLachlan

Jason Evers

Jason Wingreen

Jerry Ayers

Joan Collins

Joanne Linville

John Crawford

John Fiedler

John Wheeler

John Winston

Joseph Ruskin

Julie Cobb

Julie Newmar

Kate Woodville

Kathryn Hayes

Keith Andes

Kim Darby

Laurel Goodwin

Lawrence Montaigne

Lee Delano

Lee Meriwether

Leonard Nimoy

Leslie Parrish

Leslie Shatner

Lezlie Dalton

Lisabeth Shatner

Lloyd Kino

Lois Jewell

Lou Antonio

Louie Elias

Louise Sorel

M Belli

Majel Barrett

Malachi Throne

Marc Adams

Marianne Hill

Mariette Hartley

Marj Dusay

Mark Brown

Marlys Burdette

Mary Linda Rapelye

Mary Rice

Meg Wyllie

Michael Ansara

Michael Dante

Michael Forest

Michael Pataki

Michael Pollard

Miko Mayama

Morgan Woodward

Nancy Kovack

Naomi Pollack

Nathan Jung

Ned Romero

Nichelle Nichols

Pamelyn Ferdin

Patrick Horgan

Paul Baxley

Paul Carr

Paul Comi

Peter Duryea

Peter Marko

Phil Morris

Phillip Pine

Phyllis Douglas

Rex Holman

Rhodes Reason

Ricardo Montalban

Richard Compton

Richard Evans

Robert Brown

Robert Walker

Roger Perry

Ron Soble

Roy Jenson

Sabrina Scharf

Sally Kellerman

Sandra Smith

Sarah Marshall

Sean Kenney

Sean Morgan

Shari Nims

Sharon Acker

Sherry Jackson

Shirley Bonne

Sid Haig

Skip Homeier

Stephen Brooks

Stephen Mines

Steve Marlo

Stewart Moss

Susan Howard

Susanne Wasson

Tanya Lemani

Teri Garr

Tige Andrews

Tom Troupe

Tony Young

Venita Wolf

Victor Brandt

Victor Lundin

Vince Deadrick

Walter Koenig

Warren Stevens

William Campbell

William Marshall

William O'Connell

William Sargent

William Schallert

William Shatner

William Smithers

William Windom

William Wintersole

Win De Lugo

Yvonne Craig