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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Special PhotoStudy: Admiral Kirk Starfleet Class A Uniform from Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Worn by William Shatner upon reprising his role as James T. Kirk in the very first Star Trek feature film that was produced; filmed less than 10 years after the end of production of The Original Series, this costume is part of the Gurian Collection and was obtained with impeccable provenance directly from the Paramount/CBS representative for Star Trek memorabilia sales – ItsAWrap LLC. As the first scene of Star Trek: TMP was filmed on the afternoon of August 7, 1978; this costume is 30 years old in 2008 and is, I believe, the only Kirk Class A Uniform ever offered at auction. (The famous Christies 40th Anniversary Star Trek auction featured a Spock Class A, a McCoy Class A and a Scotty Class A, as well as a Kirk Class D jumpsuit from TMP; but not a Kirk Class A.) It contains a Western Costume Company sewn-in label which states William Shatner’s name, Chest & Sleeve measurements and denotes the Costume as Number 1 (with a roman numeral nomenclature) – which I believe identifies it as the main filming version. The interior of the uniform top exhibits frayed lining; there are minor signs of distress or fraying on the outside arms (along seam lines); and the pant cuffs are frayed – however, the overall garment displays well and is an excellent color match to some screenshots presented below. The wrinkling of fabric along the neckline in particular matches a closeup view of Shatner in-costume in the Enterprise 1701 Captain’s Chair. The pants contain a sewn-in Paramount label; however, there is no writing legible on the label. The tunic and pants were accompanied by an unattached plastic biomonitor, that is loosely held in place at present by several strands of thread and may be easily removed. Perhaps the most desirable screen worn Shatner item next to an authentic TOS Kirk tunic; and perhaps of greater rarity since multiple TOS Shatner tunics have sold at auction over the years. Certainly a unique and historic Star Trek collectible.