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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Design Features of Screen Used TOS Tricorders

At the onset of this article; it should be noted that it is not my intent to represent the following compilation as a complete or all-inclusive listing. It is merely a fairly comprehensive collection of design characteristics taken from many of my best reference photos. In creating this work, I have restricted the contributing photos utilized to TOS episode screenshots, photos of high-profile auction items with impeccable provenance (that come directly from a Dwyer Profiles In History auction) or published Star Trek doctrine (such as Wah Chang or The Art of Star Trek accredited images). Much more so than with the phaser and communicator props; I was struck by the diversity of alternate materials, differing dimensions, color patterns and alternate geometries found on the authentic Tricorder props. The fabrication of a Tricorder for TOS did not seem to be an exercise in part standardization; as these Original Series props were known to be created by Wah Ming Chang as well as the Desilu internal prop shop; and were known to come in three different styles: vacuuformed plastic, fiberglass and leatherette covered assemblies. (There was a fourth “ultimate” stunt version seen in “Miri” as well as “Shore Leave” … composed of cardboard!)
As my own collection of reference images grows, I shall add new variants to this post.