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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Star Trek: The Exhibition Beams into the Detroit Science Center

The corner of John R Street and Warren Ave in Detroit, Michigan has just become the center of the Star Trek universe; as the world's most comprehensive collection of screen-used props, costumes, authentic starship filming models and full-size set re-creations that span all 5 Star Trek television series and the 10 major motion pictures - Star Trek: The Exhibition - made it's midwest debut at the Detroit Science Center on Saturday, February 14th, 2009.

This spectacular exhibit is scheduled to run for approximately 7 months until September 7th, 2009; having just concluded a highly successful engagement at the San Diego Air and Space Museum in California - where it made it's national premiere. Encompassing approximately 12,000 square feet on two levels, this historic assembly of Star Trek artifacts drew a large opening day crowd - with some fans traveling from as far away as New York City to attend. Michael Okuda, who was a graphic designer on Star Trek: TNG, Voyager, Enterprise and several of the motion pictures; worked with Premier Exhibitions, Inc., - the organizer of Star Trek: The Exhibition - to help design the various displays; and was also in town for the Detroit opening.

The exhibition provides an unparalleled opportunity for fans to fully immerse themselves in several different simulated Star Trek environments ... by stepping onto a full-size recreation of the Original Series Enterprise NCC-1701 Bridge; or walking through a curving corridor of the Enterprise-D with Captain Picard's quarters and a full-size TNG Transporter Room in view; or standing before an awe-inspiring recreation of the Guardian of Forever portal from the highly acclaimed TOS episode "The City On The Edge Of Forever".

At a price of $18.95 for adults and $14.95 for children; Star Trek: The Exhibition is well worth the cost of admission. (For an extra charge, visitors can also experience a Star Trek themed adventure ride in a full-motion flight simulator; and fans may also elect to purchase photos of themselves on the Original Series Bridge, in the Transporter and at the Guardian.) This is truly an extraordinary experience that will be remembered for a lifetime! Additional information is available at the Science Center's website: http://www.detroitsciencecenter.org/

Startrekpropauthority.blogspot.com was given permission to take photographs inside the exhibit on February 14th and also February 21st as part of the courtesy extended to the media; and will be presenting additional articles on some of the exciting artifacts on display - primarily those related to The Original Series. Many thanks to the staff of the Detroit Science Center for their kind assistance; with special recognition to Kelly Fulford, Kerri Budde, Amanda Jackson, and Todd Slisher for their insights and support.

Below are some photos of the diverse offerings of this historic exhibit...