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Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Simulated Constitution Class Starship Bridge Environment (& Home Theater)

This has been a part time project of mine that has literally spanned the last 10 years. On occasion, many months might go by with no significant progress - but I would always inevitably return to it and add to the design by improving a particular panel mock-up with new resin TOS style buttons just obtained on ebay or adding functional lights or switches with the help of a friend. As an engineer in the automotive industry; I am fortunate to know many folks with electrical and wiring skills. This full size partial bridge replica occupies a 9' by 9' area in my home surrounded by sliding wood doors on 2 sides. I have wanted to do something like this ever since I first sat in the Captains chair of a full sized TOS Bridge replica at a Toronto Star Trek Convention in 1976 as a youth!

In the first couple of pics, my dog (and pointy-eared science officer) Minka can be seen sitting in the Captain's Chair. Doesn't she appear to be elated to have the conn?

There is a small mini-garage door opener mounted sideways to automatically (at the touch of a wall button or a small keychain sized remote control) open or close the "turolift door" :-), the red sliding door to the room...

This is the only piece of authentic TOS memorabilia present ... the Hot Set sign obtained from the daughter of a TOS production crew member ...

An Infocus projector connected to a DVD/VCR player projects the image. It is watchable with the lights on, but the resolution is clearly better with the lights dimmed...

There's also a Minka-height photoeye present that ensures the red door won't automatically close if the pointy-eared Science Officer happens to be standing in the entranceway ...

I also created a special CD that plays a 1 hour continuous series of Bridge Sounds (with chirps and computer whirs, etc.) taken from the 30 second sound effect accompaniment to the menu section on the TOS complete season DVD sets. I hope readers find the photos enjoyable.

P.S. The dog doesn't know it's not real. She thinks she can terraform the planet if necessary!!!