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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Site Welcomes Record 12,700 Trek Fans During Month of May 2009 and Over 38,700 People During 15 Months of Operation

May 2009 witnessed a record monthly number of visitors to this site; as a total of 12,784 fellow Star Trek enthusiasts (or Absolute Unique Visitors in Google Analytics terminology) stopped by and read some of the articles or photostudies that are published here -- with a daily record of 2,536 people accessing the site on Sunday, May 10th - the Sunday of the Opening Weekend for the Abrams Star Trek movie release.

In the 15 months that have passed since the site opened in March of 2008, a total of 38,724 people representing 111 countries around the world have visited. I truly never could have imagined that these pages would attract such a level of interest, and continue to enjoy receiving all of the enthusiastic messages with praise for the site. Many thanks to all who have become regular visitors for your continued interest; and all who have helped by sharing their insights, expertise and historic photos to enhance the content of these web pages.

I will do my best to add material that I hope will be of interest, and am quite excited by the prospects for a reinvigorated Star Trek franchise given the spectacular success of the new feature film.