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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Absolutely Hilarious Video Review of Star Trek XI by The Onion

Below is a must see video from the comedic Onion News Network, www.theonion.com, that reports how diehard Star Trek fans are up in arms because the new Abrams film is so exceptionally well done and will certainly be a huge box office success.

Some sample excerpts from this hilarious video:

"Early reviews are calling it a delightful action adventure movie and a sure fire hit ... no wonder the fans feel betrayed here"

"Fans were angry that the Klingons dialogue was subtitled because it allows the Klingons to be understood by people who haven't studied the imaginary language for years"

"Apparently there isn't even one scene set at a long table in which interstellar diplomacy is debated in endless detail"

For the record, I saw the new film in IMAX on May 7th at the starting 7:00 pm showtime and am totally overwhelmed with this release. It was an outstanding production, certainly ranking as one of the best Star Trek movies of all time, with exceptional acting by all of the new cast and truly standout performances from Chris Pine and Karl Urban - who masterfully captured the essence of Dr. McCoy in his portrayal. It was as if the spirit of DeForest Kelley was present in the theatre. The movie is filled with many honorary nods to The Original Series, some in the form of often repeated catch phrases (from McCoy and Scotty) or familiar mannerisms (from Kirk) and some in the use of memorable sound sequences to accompany the on-screen action. We see the return of Sulu's fencing skills and even the brief screen appearance of a Tribble. For those who haven't followed the past exploits of Kirk and crew or viewed the other series in the franchise - that should in no way detract from their ability to fully enjoy this captivating adventure marked by brilliant special effects from Industrial Light and Magic. Given that 43 years have passed since the inception of TOS, no fan of the Original Series could think of the roles of Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the rest of the Bridge crew as being anything other than "owned" by Shatner, Nimoy, and Kelley, etc.; yet the new actors have greatly exceeded my expectations and have truly made outstanding headway in defining new dimensions to a set of well known, beloved characters at an earlier phase in the development of these roles than when they were introduced to the audience as a seasoned crew in TOS. It will be exciting to see how the franchise evolves after this success!

And now, a reminder from The Onion that we should never take ourselves too seriously ...