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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Star Trek XI Is Now Top Ranked Trek Film for Domestic and Worldwide Box Office

With Friday's Box Office earnings of $ 11.8 million reflected in it's Gross domestic revenue, the Abrams Star Trek film today moved ahead of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home to Rank #1 as the most successful motion picture of the 11 released by the franchise. After just 9 days since its nationwide premiere at 3,849 theatres, Star Trek has earned a total of $116,461,000 in comparison to the $109,713,132 realized by Star Trek IV during its entire run in 1986. The new Abrams film is expected to greatly expand on its lead in the coming weeks.

As of May 14th, Star Trek XI has generated an additional Foreign earnings of $49,264,668; giving it a Worldwide Total Gross of $165.7 million so far. The last Star Trek film, Nemesis (2002) realized $24.1 million overseas and Insurrection (1998) earned $47.6 million internationally. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, despite being the top ranked domestic money maker of the franchise for almost 23 years, earned just $23.3 million overseas. At $165.7 million in Worldwide earnings, Star Trek XI is also the highest ranked Trek film in this category; currently $15.7 million ahead of 2nd place Star Trek: First Contact (1996) which earned a total of $150 million worldwide.

The following chart from Box Office Mojo shows the current standings for domestic earnings for all films in the series ...

The table below, from www.the-numbers.com, provides U.S. and Worldwide revenue totals for the first 10 Trek films, as well as a listing of their production budgets...

The reported production cost of Star Trek XI was $150 million.