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Saturday, April 9, 2022

Anson Mount Captain Pike Starfleet Uniform from Star Trek: Strange New Worlds


Presented below are some detailed photos of an Anson Mount screen worn Captain Christopher Pike Starfleet Uniform from the new Star Trek: Strange New Worlds television series, the 8th live action adventure series in the history of the franchise, which is set to premiere on Thursday, May 5, 2022 on Paramount+.  This costume is currently on display in a special Strange New Worlds exhibit at Star Trek: Mission Chicago, the ViacomCBS sponsored fan convention taking place from April 8 - 10, 2022 at the massive McCormick Place center in Chicago, Illinois.   It is a beautiful design, highly reminiscent of the Starfleet uniforms that were seen in Star Trek: The Original Series, with some delightful intricate new details present, such as a subtle repeating decorative pattern that utilizes the well known TOS symbols of the crewmember's assigned starfleet division - Command, Sciences, Engineering or Medical - actually incorporated into sections of the uniform's fabric that runs along the length of the arms and shoulder areas of the tunic.   All of the Starfleet uniforms in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds are the creations of Costume Designers Bernadette Cross and Gersha Phillips in the ST:SNW Costume Department.

Special thanks to my friend and fellow Star Trek fan T.J. Babinetz, currently on site at Star Trek: Mission Chicago, for his very gracious permission to display his detailed photography of this costume  in this article.    Just click on any of the images below to view an enlarged version ...

Below, a view of the Starfleet Command division insignia badge displayed on this Captain Pike uniform, which is followed by an extreme closeup shot of an identically designed badge that is currently on display on a Rebecca Romijn Number One uniform which is also part of the Strange New Worlds exhibit at Star Trek: Mission Chicago, and will be the subject of a separate forthcoming photostudy on this website ...

Note the bands of straight edged rank braid, similar to the style featured in the first Star Trek pilot The Cage, which is different from the scalloped edge style that was instituted during the filming of the regular season episodes of TOS.    Also, as will be seen in future photostudies, the color of the rank braid on these costumes will change based on Starfleet division:  Command uniforms feature Gold rank braid, Science uniforms feature Blue rank braid, Engineering uniforms feature Red rank braid, and Medical uniforms feature Silver rank braid ...

Note in the screenshot below from a Strange New Worlds teaser, Captain Pike, Mr. Spock and Lt. Ortega's tunics are all further adorned with a circular badge positioned just above and to the right of their Starfleet division deltas.   This appears to be a ship assignment badge, that is not always worn on an officer's tunic, and resembles the badges that are also part of the exhibit at Star Trek: Mission Chicago, seen immediately after the screenshot ...

A slightly enlarged view highlights the badges for the vessels U.S.S. Angelou (top left) and S.S. Puget Sound (bottom right) ...

An extreme closeup view of the ship badge for the vessel U.S.S. Antares (image courtesy of the website Starfleetboy.com via its facebook feed) ...